Why I am voting for Gary Herbert

Why I am voting for Gary Herbert

I love sports.  Probably more than politics.


Imagine being a fan of a winning team with a long track record of success (if you are a Cleveland Browns fan it will take a big imagination).  You are #1 or #2 in every category.  Suddenly the owner fires the coach because he wants to be better.






How can you be better than #1?


History can show many sports teams that did this and never recovered.


Why would we want to do this in Utah?


Utah is constantly recognized as the best managed state.  Utah is the best for business.  We always balance our budget (granted we have to).


gary-r-herbertI am voting to re-elect Gary Herbert for Governor because we know his track record.  We have the results to show the fruits of his work.


I haven’t always agreed with the Governor.  Loyal readers (Hi Mom!) will know that I had issues with Medicaid expansion.  But when you look at all the issues – the choice is absolutely clear.  Governor Herbert is the right man for the job at this time.


Think about where we were 6 years ago when the Great Recession began.  We have weathered the storm and didn’t face the impacts that so many other states faced.


Our education system is improving every year.


We have one of the lowest tax burdens in the country.


Governor Herbert is fighting back against federal overreach. He understands we have one shot to get our lands back and a reckless approach will not work.  His opponent doesn’t seem to understand that.


Under Governor Herbert’s leadership our state government is running more efficient than in the past.  There are fewer government employees per Utah citizen than in the past.  This saves us money.


Governor Herbert made a wise choice in picking Spencer Cox as the Lieutenant Governor.  Cox is ready to lead the state if needed and brings a perspective to the Executive branch that the other team just can’t bring.  Rural Utah is represented well by the Herbert-Cox team.


Gary Herbert Spencer Cox


Join me on June 28th (or before if you get your ballot by mail) in voting to continue being #1. Join me in supporting Gary Herbert and Spencer Cox.

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