Vote Your Conscience, Vote McMullin

Utah Republicans and Democrats held dueling last minute pep rallies last week, both trying to convince acolytes the other guys’ nominee is unfit to be president. Unfortunately for America, they’re both right.

In their rally, Republicans railed against Hillary Clinton and what she might do as president. With establishment luminaries like six term senator Orrin Hatch, five term representative Rob Bishop, two term representative Chris Stewart, Utah Speaker of the House Greg Hughes, and the head of the Utah Republican Party James Evans in attendance and speaking at a rally for Donald Trump, it’s safe to say he’s not the anti-establishment candidate his supporters might wish him to be. Though to be fair, none of them had anything positive to say about Donald other than that he’s not Hillary. The Democrats’ rally was more of the same, with celebrities like Sean Astin saying our democracy was at stake because of who the other side nominated.

Finally, bipartisan agreement!

Hillary Clinton has been shown to use her office as Secretary of State to sell influence and enrich herself at the expense of US citizens. She’s helped Russia and Middle Eastern dictators on her way to earning hundreds of millions of dollars since she and her husband left the White House. After eight years of scandal as president, plus her disastrous four-year term as Secretary, the prospect of putting Clinton Inc back in charge of the free world is frightening.

Donald Trump is touting his business expertise in his run for the highest office in the land. He’s also been bankrupt multiple times, has used illegal labor on his construction projects, and tried to use eminent domain to steal a widow’s home to build a parking lot for his casino. He’s got a list of sexual assault accusations even Bill Clinton would be ashamed of, including a former Miss Utah. For partisans excusing all that because they hope he’ll govern conservatively, he was a registered democrat not too long ago who the Clintons urged to run for president. He’s praised Obamacare, been pro-abortion until five minutes ago, flip flopped on his hardline immigration stance, and threw away his conservative Supreme Court nominee list mere hours after releasing it. He rationalized his decades of yuge donations to democratic politicians by saying he was just playing the game. Far from being an anti-establishment candidate who will shake up Washington, Donald Trump is a villain straight out of Atlas Shrugged.

Despite some disagreements, I’ve always been able to find some redeeming quality in a major party candidate for president and so have scorned any third party or independent vote. But our Republican and Democratic party leaders are right – Donald and Hillary would make historically awful presidents. In Utah we vote for candidates, not against. Don’t let our fearmongering, establishment political parties bully us into voting for either of the two most hated and least qualified presidential candidates ever.

Fortunately, there is one candidate on our ballot who is standing up to the awful people and awful policies the two major candidates represent, and who represents the views of a majority of Utah voters: Evan McMullin. From tax policy, jobs, foreign policy, education, health care and a host of other issues McMullin is someone I can vote for, rather than succumb to the scare tactics of our major parties. Voting for McMullin won’t sway the election to Hillary, as she’s looking elsewhere for the 270 electoral college votes she needs to win. Our vote is our sacred duty, and should never be held hostage to the likes of Hillary or Donald. Vote your conscience and vote McMullin.

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