Utah’s March For Life

Utah’s March For Life

16299934_10211765023590296_7495503773405564761_oI attended Utah’s March for Life march and rally with my wife and daughter on Saturday. We met at Washington Square and walked up state street to the Capitol building. There were about 400 of us, some carrying signs. Women made up the majority of attendees, as well as the speakers once we made it to the Capitol, and there were quite a few children there as well. Donations of diapers and wipes were collected to be given to the Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake City.

16406734_10209591660722395_2838029133751690113_n16298658_10209591660922400_8152946733619404750_nThe march was brisk and mostly friendly, with quite a few honks and waves from the cars passing by. However, as we got closer to the capitol hill area I did notice a couple of people drive by who were angered by our choice to march. One woman repeatedly yelled out her car window that “it’s my body and my choice”, and then as we were just a block or so away from the capitol a young man driving a Subaru held his middle finger extended out the window the whole length of the march. I’m still disappointed I forgot to check which version of the COEXIST bumper sticker he had.

Once at the capitol we listened to some incredibly moving stories from women in our community who have been affected by abortion, or unplanned or difficult pregnancies. The first was Laurie Jensen of the Pregnancy Resource Center who told us of getting pregnant at 14 and giving the baby up for adoption, and then getting pregnant two more times as a teenager, one of which she kept and raised and the other she aborted. All those experiences were difficult, and the retelling of her personal journey affected the entire crowd. At the end of her remarks she revealed that she had been reunited with the daughter she had given up for adoption and pointed her out in the crowd, holding a sign that read “my birth mom chose life”.
A common theme from these speakers was the pressure they felt to end their pregnancies with an abortion. Bryonna Jones was one of those speakers. Bryonna was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child and lived with her grandmother until adolescence when her grandmother had to go to a care facility. From then on Bryonna lived in the foster care system where the many challenges she faced were unable to conquer her spirit. When she became pregnant last year she was inundated with advice to terminate her pregnancy. She had many pro-choice people in her circles and in her words, “they say pro-choice but I felt I was only given one choice, to allow my baby to be destroyed.” Confused and scared, she reached out to Pro Life Utah, who gave her the support she needed to make her own decision. She found a doctor who had more experience with difficult pregnancies (her prior doctor handed her a pink paper with a list of abortion providers and walked out of the room) and who was able to answer her questions, giving her hope and providing some measure of comfort. Through all these experiences she came to see the abortion industry in a different light. She said, “I didn’t allow to give my baby life I chose to allow him to keep what he already had.” Hers was a difficult pregnancy, but after telling her story Saturday while seated in a wheelchair, she stood up and held her new baby aloft while the crowd cheered. Be sure to read her whole story written at Pro-Life Utah’s website.

Utah’s March for Life was a great event filled with support for women faced with difficult choices, organized by women hoping to offer a culture where choosing life is validated.

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