Utah County Commissioner admits to using Ashley Madison, but denies having affair

Utah County Commissioner admits to using Ashley Madison, but denies having affair

Have you heard of the website Ashley Madison?

According to its website “Ashley Madison is the online personals & dating destination for casual encounters, married dating, discreet encounters and extramarital affairs.”

This data breach included usernames, passwords, credit card information, and addresses for the various clients.

I am certain every person who used this site is worried that their name will appear in the data after it was hacked.

Would you be interested in knowing who spent money on these services?

While there have been stories nationwide of people who have participated with Ashley Madison, even Utah County isn’t immune.

According to the site’s records, Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves spent $522.99 at the site between 2010 and 2014, signing up on the site multiple times.  These several accounts matching email, credit card, address, and names match Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves.

commGravesHis profile indicates that he wasn’t just browsing on the site, with him stating that he wanted to “play ball!” and was “Ready and willing to please!”

He further states: “I just know what I don’t like! I am not picky but believe you must find each other attractive. I know that I want a woman who will let me give her pleasure at any hour of the day!”

In another profile linked to his address and credit card he states: “I am into sports and having a good time! I really enjoy cooking and giving pleasure! I want to treat someone to all of the passions they desire!”

It is embarrassing that the password to one of his accounts was “Cougars” – but maybe he was referring to the term for older women, not the sports team. But alas, one account was tied to BYULOVER@GMAIL.COM

Commissioner Graves admitted to being a customer of Ashley Madison but says “I have never had an affair or met with anyone to have an affair either.”  He said the charges were to look up and peruse other profiles.

Commissioner Graves doesn’t believe this has any impact on his public service. Graves pointed out that all these charges occurred prior to his filing for Utah County Commissioner.


**UPDATE – the metadata shows that one of the accounts was accessed on April 7, 2014.  The convention was April 12.

***UPDATE #2 – one of the accounts was set up with his campaign account – greggraves.official@gmail.com.

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  • HollyontheHill

    Oh, gag. “Just researching” – with 5 account and $500. Mmmhmm. I sincerely hope he has a SERIOUS opponent if he refuses to step down.

    • jermsguy

      He would have had serious opponents anyway.

    • disqus_OmWDdCZ8IO

      Mr, Graves does not appear to take responsibility for his actions. It would be surprising if he decided to step down. Prior to the election, a very qualified concerned citizen stepped up as a write-in candidate but it was too little too late to overcome the complacent Utah county voters who just voted the party line. Bill Freeze, the write-in candidate, was/is a SERIOUS opponent.

  • Beau Sorensen

    He is married and according to his wife’s Facebook page (no link – I’d like her to be as removed as possible), they were sealed (an LDS practice) in November 2010 in the Manti Temple. Mr. Graves’ Ashley Madison activities were from 2010-2014 per the credit card files in the data dump.

    • ENNE

      Greg Graves is a piece of work.

  • Seldom_Seen_Smith

    Typical Utah County!

    • jermsguy

      Typical comment!

      • quakebob

        that was a good one 🙂

  • Christopher

    While I don’t know how true this is or not, he used to teach computer tech. And he coached baseball (and softball?) at American Leadership Academy, and was fired a number of years ago, 2010? 2011?
    From what I had heard, from numerous teachers and other students, he was fired because he was sending “inappropriate text messages to female students” and from what one teacher told me, one of the texts he sent to a female student was “so did you get any?” After senior prom.

  • not_the_average_trib_reader

    Just remember that the beloved caucus/convention system got this guy elected. With the CMV initiative or SB 54, which “conservatives” are still fighting, this guy wouldn’t be in office. All of the vetting that supposedly takes place because the caucus goers know best and because the delegates take their jobs so seriously didn’t take place until AFTER convention.

    Blame this guy’s election, and the subsequent embarrassment, on the convention delegates.

    • Beau Sorensen

      I blame it on the Democratic party who couldn’t be bothered to even field a candidate.

      • not_the_average_trib_reader

        Do you honestly believe that Utah County would elect a democrat – even under those circumstances? Politics in this county make it almost foolish for a democrat to spend time trying to get elected to any office.

  • Tim Heise

    If all of these things about him are true . . . why wait until the next election to remove him. DO IT NOW!!!

  • Sibyl Simoes

    Note to public…there is no such thing as a completely secure data base. All of the emails are searchable at http://www.cheaterscout.com

  • Annette Seegmiller Mcclure

    All I know is that I think our leaders should have the highest of standards. This person (I will not call him a man) is not! Just gag…

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