Utah County GOP Chair decides not to discuss Greg Graves’ use of Ashley Madison

Utah County GOP Chair decides not to discuss Greg Graves’ use of Ashley Madison

Tonight the Utah County GOP Executive Committee met and sources say that Chairman Craig Frank cut off debate to allow a resolution against Commissioner Greg Graves’ use of Ashley Madison.

Previously Frank had said he had gotten many calls about Graves’ behavior.  That makes sense because Graves’ use of Ashley Madison is not in harmony with the Utah County Republican Party bylaws –

“Fitness for public office, including but not limited to maintaining the highest degree of honesty, morality, and integrity and refraining from any conduct which would cause embarrassment to the Party;”

According to UtahValley360 Frank said “The Utah County Republican Party expects the highest standards from their candidates and those who would propose to represent the party on any level.” (UtahValley360)

Frank said if someone wants to discuss this to send it to him in writing (craigfrank@ucrp.org) because he doesn’t want to bring forward any resolutions.  However, he didn’t mind putting forward a resolution to create “purity panels”.  From the Salt Lake Tribune –

The controversial edict is the Platform Education & Performance Advisory Committee, created by Frank, that, according to the resolution‘s language, would force legislators and other elected officials to pass purity tests before they could be endorsed by the party. The resolution says the committee will “determine how UCRP platform principles may be used to measure Utah Legislature bill proposals.” (SLTrib) – emphasis added.

The County Central Committee is meeting on September 26th. I would be interested to hear if any delegates or members of the Central Committee think this needs to be discussed.



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