Speaker Hughes is no Boehner

I have been watching with interest the discussion on Medicaid expansion.  Michael Jolley did a great piece on how it hurts the most vulnerable.


This week we saw the U.S. Speaker (John Boehner) step down from that position.  One tactic that Speaker Boehner used was his willingness to have the Democrats vote on proposals to help him reach the 50% threshold to pass legislation.  This annoyed some of the members of the Republican caucus.

Yesterday the Republicans in the Utah House and Senate met in a closed caucus to discuss Medicaid expansion.  One question I had was if Speaker Hughes would follow the example of Boehner and just find 38 votes in the entire body — or require 38 Republicans to support the bill.

I am relieved to see that Robert Gehrke reports that there will need to be 38 Republicans in order for this to be heard on the floor of the House.

Excellent choice Speaker Hughes!

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