Planned Parenthood Utah’s Capitol Rally

I attended the Planned Parenthood rally at the Capitol this week. I was also at the smaller counter protest inside the rotunda. Some observations:

IMG_2647The counter protest had around 50 people there. It had a very religious flavor to it, specifically a Born Again Christian sensibility. It had a very respectful tone, with organizers stressing not to disrupt and urging attendees to make a difference and be a part of a solution that shows people there is an alternative to abortion. Organizers encouraged people to speak, and a number of people told their own stories of escaping being aborted themselves or mothers having been told by doctors to abort their possibly defective babies. All of this took place inside while the Planned Parenthood crowd assembled on the Capitol steps outside. After their meeting and sharing their stories the group picked up their signs and headed outside to provide a counter voice.

IMG_2651The Planned Parenthood group was very large, covering the entire steps. Most were dressed in pink and volunteers were passing out pink Planned Parenthood stickers. Once the prolife group arrived a few small pockets of arguments sparked up, but they were pretty tame.

IMG_2654The gathering outside was pretty standard fare. There were a number of speakers, mainly activists and politicians, charging up the crowd with a lot of applause points. Many brought homemade signs, with the more PC ones getting media love. It was a very festive atmosphere.

The background to this rally was the news that Governor Herbert directed the state health department to no longer distribute federal funds to Planned Parenthood. In other words, the state government will no longer be the go between for Planned Parenthood and the federal government. Congress will have to appropriate those funds directly to the organization from now on. Planned Parenthood’s director Karrie Galloway said this wouldn’t shut down the organization, and those funds make up just a small percentage of their funding. According to the Deseret News, Planned Parenthood Utah’s annual budget is $8 million, and these funds were just over $200k a year. So by all accounts it will be business as usual for Planned Parenthood, despite the angst on display at the rally.

Why did Governor Herbert make it a little harder for Planned Parenthood to get 2% of its funding? Because of undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress which show the following:

  • Planned Parenthood officials bargaining over the price of aborted baby parts.
  • Planned Parenthood officials detailing how they change the way abortions are done so as to get the baby out more intact, making it easier to harvest more organs from the cadaver.
  • A former “procurement technician” describing how a Planned Parenthood abortion doctor showed her a newly aborted 19 week old fetus, poked its heart to show it was still beating, and then had her cut open the baby’s face, starting at the chin and cutting upwards, in order to get out the brain. I wonder what it sold for.

What has been the response to these videos from Planned Parenthood and its allies? Rather than deny what’s in them they claimed the videos were “selectively edited”, despite the fact the full videos are available for viewing. Then they slut shamed the former employee who dared reveal what Planned Parenthood does to 19 week old fetuses.

This is what a 19 week old fetus looks like.

Let’s say you’re an organization genuinely concerned with women’s health, and one of your former employees claims you mutilate living babies and sell off their organs. What do you say to that? How about, no we don’t? Instead, a Planned Parenthood booster feminist group digs up dirt on the former employee, alleging she’s a sexual weirdo. Let that sink in. A pink sticker wearing, women’s health organization supporting, feminist group responds to the allegation of baby mutilation not by denying them, but by leveling absurd, shameful attacks on the messenger. War on women, indeed.

Look, I get that Planned Parenthood is a sacred cow in progressive circles. I get that abortion is a contentious issue that’s wrapped up in many people’s very identity. I understand the sound bites about choice and war on women. I saw the tasteful and otherwise posters at the capitol and heard the conversations being had there. But for all the posturing about selective edits, Planned IMG_2656Parenthood doesn’t deny doing what the videos show them doing: dismembering and selling baby parts. Planned Parenthood aborts 19+ week old fetuses, cuts them open whether the heart is still beating or not, and harvests and sells their organs. If you as a Planned Parenthood supporter are ok with that, then own it. But be aware what it is you’re supporting. Don’t obfuscate what this is all about. Don’t try to explain it away by saying abortion is just a small part of what Planned Parenthood does. They cut open living baby faces in order to harvest and sell its brain. I don’t care what else your organization does, if that’s your business model then you’ve lost my support.

And that’s why these videos are so important and so feared. They’ve pulled back the curtain on what abortion is. They’re the kid in the street yelling the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

Abortionists don’t want the public to understand what’s really going on. They certainly don’t want us to realize we’re one of just seven countries in the world that allow unrestricted abortions after 20 weeks. They really, really don’t want us to think about what they do to get baby brains. But maybe, just for a moment, reflect on what a 20 week old fetus is – or even an 8 or 10 week old fetus. Make your mind up on this issue using reality, not the placard-ready sloganeering put out by abortion boosters like Planned Parenthood.

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