Obamacare’s Lying Liars

Obamacare’s Lying Liars

Democrats are going bat guano crazy about the prospect of Obamacare being repealed, and my media feeds are filled with politicians and activists desperately, nay bitterly clinging to the horse manure they furiously shoveled seven years ago to pass their legislative monstrosity in the middle of the night without a single bipartisan vote that’s never been popular in opinion polling and that lost them the Senate, the House, state legislatures and governorships en masse. Largely because of Obamacare there are fewer Democrats in office than at any time since the Civil War.

Astonishingly, after enduring seven years of electoral shellacking Democrats are doubling down on the fantasy that Obamacare is working.

Newsflash: voters gave you eight years to prove yourselves and you face planted so epically they’d rather have Donald frigging Trump than another four years of your condescension and lies.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Obama was the chosen one. He was supposed to bring balance to DC, not leave it in darkness.

He was the smartest president ever, assembling the smartest team ever to make sure government solved all our problems and then some.

But remember when that Cracker Jack team proposed the largest stimulus bill in the history of America and Republicans had the temerity to suggest tapping the brakes a bit, newly elected president Obama said, “I won” and rammed it thru Congress just in time for the recession it was supposed to fix to be already ending? Incredibly, and with great fanfare The Smartest Team Ever released a projection of how their stimulus would drastically lower the unemployment rate. It didn’t. Like, not even close.

If that had been the only intellectual, and factual, failure of this administration it may have been forgiven. We said there’s no way they could do worse. The Brain Trust set their sights on healthcare and said, hold my beer.

Obama and his Super Friends wanted to totally remake the health care system. Costs were out of control, premiums were skyrocketing, and many people were giving up on having insurance coverage. But Democrats had been trying for a big federal takeover of health care for decades, and had failed miserably. So this time, determined to do it no matter what voters wanted, they went with their tried and true political strategy: Lie. Lie so much you get tired of lying. And then do it some more.

Obama’s experts knew most people liked their insurance plan and wouldn’t support his efforts to get rid of them. So Obama said, in speech after speech, on national television, in town halls all over America, that “if you like your plan you can keep your plan.” Remember that? Sometimes he’d even tack on a “period” at the end to let us know how serious and honest he was. He was so serious, and so sincere that under a flood of millions of insurance cancellation letters Obama’s line was named “Lie of the Year”.

And those new plans people got from Obamacare after the law canceled the old ones they liked? They technically provide coverage. But hardly any doctors accept them. So that’s super helpful.

Another promise of Obamacare experts that flopped worse than Lebron James on a fast break was the highly touted “we’re gonna lower your premiums by $2500 per family, per year.” Raise your hand if you’ve seen those savings. Anyone? No? That’s so weird. Maybe it’s because instead of lowering by $2500 premiums have actually increased at least 25% more than if we hadn’t passed Obamacare in the first place, and are poised to rise another 60% over the next six years. Watch this video of Obama repeating the $2500 savings line dozens of times and think about how the ACA is so bad we’d be better off if we had done nothing. And then try and listen to those same experts tsk tsk at Republican efforts to repeal the ACA.

Not only were we promised that insurance premiums would decrease but we were also told that, “every single good idea to bend the cost curve and start actually reducing health care costs is in this bill.” The Smartest President Ever assured us that we’d pay less for insurance and costs for health care services would go down. Medicare trustee Charles Blahous was duly incredulous,

“Given how the ACA’s advocates touted the law as “bending the health care cost curve [down], and reducing the deficit” while occasionally in the same sentence crediting it with expanding coverage to “more than 94 percent of Americans,” many Americans could be forgiven for not understanding those two goals were in conflict.”

Obamacare was one lie after another after another. You took an ailing health care system, promised to turn it into a Lamborghini, and promptly filled it with excrement, drove it off a cliff, and lit it on fire. All the while wearing your best used car salesman smile telling us everything is just fine you’ll throw in some floor mats. And now those “experts” are back, a gaggle of Doctor Terminuses selling us the same fake elixirs that ruined us the last time, assuring us there’s just more of us to love.

You’ll excuse us if we don’t listen to you anymore. We don’t believe you. You sold us a lemon and we’re returning it with a full refund.

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