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Editor note: This is the final in a series of posts introducing the candidates.  All candidates were offered to respond.  I am only posting responses received by the deadline.  Today’s post is Senate District 13. Jimmy Eaton was the only candidate who responded. (Representative Lifferth responded but withdrew from the race)


Briefly about me:

I am happily married to Alisha Eaton.  We’ve lived in Eagle Mountain and Lehi for most of our 16 years.  We have 6 children, ages spanning 13-5 years old.   I served a mission to Caracas, Venezuela.  I got my BA degree in History at BYU, and my MBA at Westminster up in Salt Lake.  Professionally, I am a real estate broker and operate my firm of 19 agents, EATON Real Estate at 308 W. Main in downtown Lehi.  After 10 years of selling homes throughout north Utah county, sitting in almost a thousand living rooms, no one knows your neighborhoods as intimately as I do.  I am on the front-lines daily.  Please add me on Facebook:

My objectives are straightforward for next 4 years:

1.  I am determined to bring in lots of big and quality employers.

2.  I want roads developed, widened, and infrastructure for growth.

3.  I want thriving communities, high property values and a low cost of living.

There are certainly other important matters in education, water, air quality, energy, etc.

My philosophy is advancing Utah Exceptionalism:

I believe deeply that the founders and early organizers of this great state were inspired men of God.  Not unlike the early puritans coming to America seeking religious freedom from English rule, our early pioneers were ironically fleeing and seeking the same fundamental right.  Upon their arrival, it was an arid desert but destined to blossom as the rose.  Almost 170 years later, we have blossomed and in many ways have fulfilled this outcome.

Utah’s history is extraordinary and was divinely directed.  There are no other people on this Earth that is more capable and prepared to practice correct self-governing principles than Utahns.  We are a people who know better.  We understand liberty, and the utmost importance in protecting the freedom to choose.  We know not to conform and subscribe to worldly methods and uninspired causes or practices.  What truths we each hold profoundly in our souls must boldly be made evident in our role as involved citizens, and in selfless contribution to our communities.  I call this Utah Exceptionalism.

Utah Exceptionalism is centered on the limitless potential of each individual and his/her ability to achieve, do good, produce, create, and contribute selflessly.  It is seeking greatness on a personal, community, city, and state level.  Utah Exceptionalism is not elitism, or about arrogant superiority to others.  It is about becoming all you can, being your best, and giving of your time, knowledge, and resources to help develop your family and community.

This belief in Utah Exceptionalism is exhibited and supported through the truest form of government by the people, not by excessive legislation from interest groups and government imposed rule.   Delegates representing their neighborhoods and city leaders working to build communities and address local issues are at the very core in maintaining a pure self-government by the people.  The senate representatives (and house representatives) are agents of these local areas and should work very closely and often with you as the chosen delegates and civic leaders.

The reality is that current legislators prefer to stay closer to each other, rather than with the city leaders, delegates, and constituents.  This fosters a loyalty among them, and not to those they represent.  They become beholden and indebted to each other.  This is NOT government by the people, but by elitists. Exceptionalism and real growth take a back seat to immediate causes and interests that most often are irrelevant to the areas they represent.

As your Senator, I will earnestly rely on your perspective and really value the things that matter in your neighborhoods and community.  In our close working relationship, you will be able to easily communicate needs and issues with no barrier or condescension on my part.  With this close and efficient partnership, we will work together to advance Utah Exceptionalism.

These are turbulent times on the broad national and global stages.  Super powerful influences, legislation, rulings, and corrupt groups are directly impacting and threatening the quality of life for Utahns.  They are having their way in our own state legislature and in our surrounding communities, forcing you and me to adopt or accept erroneous ideas and compromise freedoms. These threats will only pick up more momentum and have long-term adverse residual effects too.  We need senate and house representatives who are keen to these threats at the state level, and that will aggressively reject bad, oppressive policy.

Utah Exceptionalism should be promoted and tailored in our education, and in the workplace.  With a highly-educated work force possessing an exceptional work ethic, our economy will be robust and thriving when unsustainable monetary models and crisis occur at the national/global levels.  We are a people who have access to real inspiration to help us produce, create, innovate, and become the light we are intended to be for the rest of the world. We understand sacrifice, doing without, consuming less, cutting waste, all the while being overachievers, producers, and contributors to our family, community, and fellow man.  This is Utah Exceptionalism.

I hope you catch my vision, trust me, and join me closely as civic leaders in aggressively advancing this ideology, from the grassroots up.


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