Meet Scott Ward

Meet Scott Ward

12973207_1699226330365975_8016291262934694807_oTell us a little bit about yourself

Originally I’m from the San Juaquin Valley of California. I moved to Utah, after an LDS Mission to Brazil, to attend BYU where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s in Public Administration.

At BYU I met my wife Trina, who teaches Math at Spanish Fork High. We chose to raise our family here, eventually moving to Spanish Fork where we have lived for the last 20 years. We are the proud parents of four children, two getting married this summer.

I have always participated wherever possible whether as a Board member of the Provo/Orem Chamber or as a Republican Precinct Chair and Audit Committee Member. I served as a Board Member for the Spanish Fork Rotary and Arts Council and on the Nebo Economic Summit Committee. I also organized Spanish Fork residents to oppose a tax increase/recreation center last year. Of all my activities I most appreciated the opportunities to coach youth sports. You see I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic. I love triathlons, running, golf, and tennis. When I’m not working you can find me in the outdoors enjoying our beautiful county.

After BYU, I worked for Orem as a Management Assistant to the Public Works Director then the City Manager. I then managed and started several businesses both large and small. I’m currently working on opening a Peruvian Café in Payson.

I’m a lifelong Conservative and Republican and most importantly I care about our community and wish to serve you the people.
Why are you running for Utah County Commissioner?

As you may know, I was the last of the County Commission candidates to file. I was looking for someone I could really support but after reviewing the options I felt the County Commission needed a different voice; it was time for me to step up.

You see, I love this community and want my children to have the same great opportunities I have had here. I don’t believe that can come about without real experience, real knowledge, and a real results oriented philosophy. I have both business and government experience. I know what its like to be in government and to fight the tendency to look at government as the solution. I know how to get things done in government without seeing government as the solution to all our problems.

I also have been on the other side of government and felt the pain as a small business owner when government actions damaged my business and took away my livelihood. We need someone who understands both sides and knows how to make correct decisions based on principles, but also knows the effects and consequences of every action even if correctly decided.

Lastly I am running because I believe that if those with experience, knowledge and proven results don’t step up and offer themselves we all lose out. I’m not perfect, I have flaws, but I believe my conservative principles, my experience, and my willingness to work and listen sets me apart and I ask for your vote.

What are the top three issues facing Utah County in the next 4 years and what do you plan to do to confront these?

My first priority and the most important issue facing Utah County is to be fiscally responsible and efficient with all of your tax dollars. I will meet with each department and discuss what’s working well and what their challenges are. We will identify the key customers we serve and learn from them how well we’re doing and what improvements should be made. I will ask the front line workers to help give ideas where we can increase efficiency, decrease waste, and overall ensure a proper governmental function. Together with increased involvement of citizens I will do everything I can to ensure wise stewardship of our tax dollars.

Second, a key role of a county commissioner is to plan ahead and work with other elected officials, especially mayors and city council members. Soon we will have twice as many residents in Utah County as we had just a few short years ago. This will call for increased coordination but also increased advocacy for good policies and decisions. I will advocate for conservative smart planning, balanced economic growth, and preserving our values and quality of life we enjoy here.

Third, my priority is to improve the level of communication and transparency between the citizens and the County Commission. This includes looking at multiple options including moving commission meetings to the evening hours, broadcasting meetings, allowing public comment online in real time, and holding public comment times 1 week prior to any decision (currently commissioners cannot possibly ponder and study public comment when it happens just minutes before a decision is made). I’d also schedule monthly or quarterly town hall style meetings throughout the county to get input from citizens on important community issues, some of which may not even be on the commissions radar until we hear them from you the citizens.

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Richard is a political junkie. He teaches Political Science and US Constitution courses at a University. Richard can be found reading books on American history and politics. He resides in Utah County with his wife, 4 kids, and Frodo (their dog). You can reach him at

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