Meet Nathan Ivie

Meet Nathan Ivie

Nathan IvieTell us a little bit about yourself

Don’t let the hat fool you, I am only half, well made 3/4 cowboy. I can be found hanging out at art museums, skiing, or the ballet. Those are followed with pack trips into the wilderness, hunting, photographing wildlife and fly fishing. I own every George Strait album ever made and mix it with some classical music and a little rock and roll. My educational certifications are in Equine Reproduction from CSU and Photography from NYIP and 20 plus years of being self employed.

My wife, of just over ten years, and I had our first date at the ranch irrigating hay fields. Pretty romantic I know. Needless to say it was love at first sight. I am the father to two crazy, amazing, American kids. I love the American west! I come from a long line of Pioneers and hope to continue to blaze new trails in my life.

 My whole life I have been blessed with he ability to work and do the things I love and pay my bills.

 In the end I hope to be remembered as a man of faith.

Why are you running for Utah County Commissioner?

The story on how I got in the race goes like this. I was sitting in a meeting with a friend I greatly respect and he asked me why I wasn’t running for county commissioner. I reminded him I hate politicians and like policy. The next day I had another good friend come over and ask the same question. A few days Later Mike McKell came to my house and asked me why I wasn’t running for county commissioner. After rattling off several reasons why and listening to his responses I told him I would think about it. After a 16 hour road trip to my in-laws for Christmas talking with my wife about it, a drive up South Fork to photograph Big Horn sheep and some sore knees, I decided to enter the race and announced my candidacy in January.

The reason I got in the race is I realize that I am the culmination of the sacrifice, dreams, and work of generations. Generations that fought for and gave me the promise of America. I have a responsibility to pick up that lamp and continue that tradition so my children can have the same blessings afforded to me.

What are the top three issues facing Utah County in the next 4 years and what do you plan to do to confront these?

Water, taxes and representation are the three top issues for me.

Water is life sustaining in fact water is the very origin of life. In regards to water we need to develop long term water storage solutions. Understand and implement true water conservation. While reducing the amount of water subsidization so people pay for what they use.

Taxes are always a big issue. The first thing we must remember is that government never spends it’s money it spends your money. As a result we must use tax money wisely and with prudence. We generally do this in Utah County. In regards to tax policy we need to make sure we are not picking winners and losers with tax credits. We must look at our various revenue sources from TRCC taxes to sales taxes and make sure those funds are being properly allocated and used wisely. We must also make sure we are using tax funds to fund the proper roll of government.

When our constitution was ratified the founders insured every community had a voice and a vote. Currently in Utah County our commissioners are elected at large. The needs of Alpine and Goshen are very different. I want to change the structure of our commissioners office to three districtly elected commissioners. I also want to put a population trigger in place to move to a five panel commissioners office. Healthy Government comes from good balanced representation. When every community has a voice and a vote liberty is protected.


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