Meet Brad Frost

Meet Brad Frost

Brad_Frost handout_County_2_ press Tell us a little bit about yourself
Born and raised in American Fork. Married with 5 children, two of which are married and have blessed my life with two grandchildren. Most of my professional career has been owning and operating my own businesses. From a construction waste company in which I built from the ground up and was approached by a competitor in 2008 to buy me out in which I did negotiate an offer and felt it was acceptable for our family and a goal I set early on to have this very thing come to pass. During that time, and presently I own and operate a landscaping company. I find a great deal of satisfaction in working hard, in the field and in the office. I am service minded individual. I have been involved at almost every juncture in my life. To name a few, I have led a family, a team, a troop, a company, a congregation, a cause, and for the last 4 1/2 years have helped lead a city with an annual budget of approximately $52 million. I think those who know me best would characterize me as a man with integrity that understands the role of government and how an elected official actions and personality can achieve great success in bringing about the good in others. I am a temperate, humble leader that know how to convey a strong message but doesn’t need to be the one doing all the talking, knowing when to speak and when to listen.
Why are you running for Utah County Commissioner?
About 10 months ago I noticed I real disconnect between how the Commissioners and City government interacted. Disregard for the protection of a watershed for nearly 1/4 of northern Utah County of which my city was a part of really planted the seed of discontent to how the Commission and local government should be working together in a more collaborative way. This feeling is not limited to one issue. Over the course of time I noticed other examples and decided very recently to enter this race to improve upon these relationships and bring my experiences and skill set to do my best to make a difference. If elected, I will not come in with a bullish attitude but rather a determination to apply who I am and a very sincere, but determined effort to improve the service of County Government. I bring a fiscally conservative ideology which can be proven by the way I have conducted my personal life and the City in which I currently represent. It my belief that I have a unique perspective of being in a position of trust in positions that I have been called to, volunteered for, and elected by the people of my city. All of which I work very hard at to accomplish a successful outcome.
What are the top three issues facing Utah County in the next 4 years and what do you plan to do to confront these?
   a. Transparency – We implemented some very simple but effective measures in our city that I would carry through to the County. In fact almost every city are doing things that for some reason the County has chosen not to do. Live streaming Commission Meetings at a convenient time for residents participate in if they choose so. Archiving for future reference.  Very simple and relatively inexpensive and is a foundational based upon which government needs to operate. Without a strong foundation of transparency it will undermine trust and accountability. When private business and their practices come together with government, there can be no back room deals. Government needs to be efficient and work to not be a stumbling block. There should be good balance in relationships with private enterprise and communication to local government.
  b. Wise Planning – Recently HB 219 was passed and signed into law. It will cause the County to examine and account for ALL RESOURCES. To name a few..water, agriculture, land uses, energy resources. This will be a very comprehensive study to prepare us for the the projected growth of the county. It will also include conservation measures of important resource’s. I would refer any and all to this legislation for greater detail. We can not get the cart before the horse. The same principle’s of planning transportation in the county are being achieved through Trans40, a process that all Mayors participate in to achieve a team effort to prepare for the growth currently, and beyond 2040.
c. Proper Budgeting – I am not suggesting any problems with the current way the county prepares and plans their annual budget. I am leaning on my experience as a civic leader to substantiate how important the budgetary process is. It sets priorities that are followed for the year of that budget. It is a very detailed exercise that is the very tool that shapes this county. This process is very collaborative with other county elected officials and key staff. I understand the complexity and role as one elected by the people and accountable by them to represent the conservative values of this county.

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