James Madison: A Life Reconsidered (review)

James Madison: A Life Reconsidered (review)

I had not found a good biography on James Madison, so was excited to read this.

James Madison“No man weighs more maturely than Mr. Madison before he takes a side on any question,” Thomas Jefferson said. Mrs. Cheney has great admiration for Jefferson and Madison and considers them “the greatest minds of the 18th century.”  She really didn’t seem to like Patrick Henry – but it makes sense because Henry and Madison were not always the best of friends.

The book doesn’t flow as well as other biographies (nothing compares to the writing of David McCullough), but keep going, it is worth the read.  I didn’t buy this book originally, but stumbled upon the paperback at Costco and grabbed it for this summer’s reading.

Don’t just take my word for it:

“On the whole [Cheney] offers a lucid, well-paced, wonderfully written, and authoritative history. Very well worth your time.”
—National Review

“This is the James Madison we always should have known about. Thanks to Lynne Cheney’s well-researched book, it’s the James Madison we will now always know.”
—The Washington Times

“The Constitution remains Madison’s greatest legacy. Cheney’s detailed biography helps renew appreciation for the man behind it.”
—Pittsburgh Tribune Review

“Cheney might have written a book that made Madison a prop in today’s political battles. She did not, which is greatly to her credit and true to the life of the man.”
—The Washington Post

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