Utah County Commissioner not completely truthful in Ashley Madison admission

Utah County Commissioner not completely truthful in Ashley Madison admission

On Tuesday I broke the story about Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves and his use of the website Ashley Madison.

commGravesGraves was candid in his admission of using the site.

He said he didn’t use the site once he filed as a candidate.

The evidence shows that is not true.

Graves set up a new account on Ashley Madison with the username of “graveytrain20202014” on March 14, 2014.  On that date his Credit Card was charged $68.

On March 15, 2014 Graves’ card was charged $79.


On March 17, 2014 Graves filed for County Commission.

Graves filing

So according to him this was the end of the usage of Ashley Madison, right?

On March 27, 2014 Graves’ card was charged $79. This is when his profile reflected “I am into sports and having a good time! I really enjoy cooking and giving pleasure! I want to treat someone to all of the passions they desire!” So while other candidates were meeting delegates, Mr. Graves was looking to treat someone to their passions.

The data shows the last time Graves accessed his account on Monday April 7, 2014. The Republican County Convention was on April 12, 2014.  Because Graves got over 60% of the delegate vote he became the nominee.  No democrat filed.  It was shortly after this that his past was disclosed. You can read more about this in the Salt Lake Tribune – Utah County shoo-in says mistakes help him be ‘more suited’

I did some research on the costs of Ashley Madison.  This was probably the most disgusting thing I have ever had to do.  One big take-away is that anyone on this Unknownsite knew what they were doing and this was a pre-mediated act.  According to the website dating.about.com (I wouldn’t click on this link at work)  “Membership Costs – Anyone can sign up for free, but it’ll take buying some credits to really do anything with the site. $49 CDN ($36.84 USD) gets you the Introductory Package with 100 credits, $149 CDN ($112 USD) earns 500 credits and Elite status, and $249 CDN ($187 USD) for 1000 credits is the Affair Guarantee Package. Credits can be used for a number of things, and different actions cost different numbers of credits:5 credits to contact a member initially, but every message sent to that person after the first contact is free; 30 credits for 30 minutes of instant messaging, or 60 credits for 60 minutes of instant messaging; and 20, 30 and 50 credit Ashley Gifts.”

It doesn’t appear possible that Graves could only peruse sites by spending over $500.  If he didn’t have an affair (as he claims), he must have bought lots of credits for contact and instant messaging.

When Graves filed for County Commissioner he used the e-mail address GREGGRAVES.OFFICIAL@GMAIL.COM in his filing for communication with voters (see a screenshot of his filing above).  He had Ashley Madison charges from May 14, 2010; February 23, 2013 and February 25, 2013 with this e-mail address.

All the 2014 charges were to BYULOVER@GMAIL.COM.

Is it time for Mr. Graves to resign?

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