Evan McMullin Hysteria

Evan McMullin Hysteria

mcmullinEvan McMullin has come out of nowhere to lead the presidential polls in Utah and now we’re seeing the beginnings of a weirdly furious backlash. My facebook feed started filling up with so-called exposes of McMullin over the last couple of weeks and I finally got around to reading them.

Spoiler Alert – they’re crap.

Seriously, with headlines blaring pretty major accusations I figured someone had dug up something nefarious in McMullin’s past or some terrible policy position he holds. So when I read these posts I was terribly confused. Where was the smoking gun? Who had Evan murdered or groped? Did he once sponsor a dinner for vehemently pro choice NARAL? In his time in the CIA did he take money from foreign governments?

None of the above. What did these angry McMullin haters find? One post says one time a McMullin advisor said mean things about Donald Trump on twitter. With such a scaremongering headline I expected far more than the nothingburger that post turned out to be.

Another post says McMullin voters are weak-minded, sheeple, and Mormon Suckers. Wow, much analysis. Such buzzwords. McMullin supporters are mindless followers. I bet if Evan shot someone in the middle of 5th avenue he wouldn’t lose voters.

And why are we suckers? Because of some policy Evan proposed that we wouldn’t actually agree with if we sheeple weren’t so weak-minded? Nope. In a post that promised to give me “the truth about Evan McMullin” there was shockingly little said about Evan McMullin. No policy disagreements, no skeletons in his closet.  Instead, it tries to convince me that Donald Trump is going to shake up Washington and give me a conservative Supreme Court.

To which I say, wake up sheeple!

The two major political parties have given us the two most despised presidential candidates in history. The two most untrustworthy presidential candidates in history. Hillary Clinton ran against a nobody socialist, and still had a difficult primary because not even Democrats trust her. She literally sold access to the US State Department and made millions. She led one of the most cynical cover ups of a foreign policy disaster I’ve ever seen. She gave the Russian foreign minister a fake reset button (and got the russian word for reset wrong) months after they had invaded Georgia. They mocked Romney after he said in 2012 that Russia was our number one geopolitical foe, and now they’re freaking out that Russia is in fact our number one geopolitical foe. Hillary Clinton was a disaster as Secretary of State and is as corrupt a politician as they come. How democrats could nominate such a dumpster fire is beyond me.

Not to be outdone, Republicans nominated the one person on the planet with higher unfavorables than Hillary. Donald Trump is awful. And don’t give me the tired old “but the Supreme Court!!!1!!” argument. Donald Trump is so incoherent on every major issue that could come before the Court that there is no way any sane person could be confident in who he’ll pick as a Justice. He’s a flake on abortion. He’s terrible on the 2nd Amendment. He’s cheated on all three of his wives and is trying to overtake Bill Clinton as the gropiest man in the White House so I do have a reservation or two about how strong he’ll be on social issues. I know, I’m such a sheeple.

No, in my opinion there is no good argument for voting for either of these two lying, blowhard, corrupt, dumpster fire candidates for president. I’m a father and my kids know I vote in every election. They ask me who I’m voting for and why. I cannot in good conscience tell them I’m voting for Hillary or Donald. These are two terrible human beings who have no business being on a tour of the White House let alone living there.

I understand that in all likelihood one of these two cretins will be our next president. As far as I’m concerned they’ll both do incredible harm to our country and the world. There is nothing in their pasts or in their campaigning that convinces me they’ll be anything but horrible presidents. Both of them. I’m a Republican who has been a county delegate, state delegate and state party officer and I don’t see any difference in the level of awful between Hillary and Donald.

So third party it is!

I may have been persuadable to vote Libertarian Party this year, but despite some policy overlap libertarianism isn’t conservatism, and frankly Gary Johnson needs to toke less and learn a foreign leader’s name before I’ll vote for him. But if he’s your thing then more power to you. I won’t judge (very much).

Enter Evan McMullin. He’s well spoken. He knows policy. His positions on abortion, military, education, spending and a host of other policies mostly match mine. In a year like 2016 that’s enough. He’s young, he’s never held elected office and has no voting record to judge him by. He’s been running for all of two months and so hasn’t really been vetted. But let’s be honest, Trump has been running for a year and the media didn’t bother to release its dirt on him until three weeks before the election so my trust level with their vetting abilities is at an all time low.

So Evan isn’t a perfect candidate. But the Republican and Democratic parties have set the bar incredibly low. And the various anti McMullin blog posts cluttering up my social media feeds are setting it even lower.

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Cameron is a husband and father of five children. He's an accounting controller by trade who's been involved in politics for a decade.

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  • rjhunter20

    Exactly, love your point. Its funny when I see the anti-McMullin comments and think… wait, isn’t that soo much more easily said about Trump or Hillary? Not sure why people seem to want to badly to discredit actual good who stand up to do a good thing while the same people seem to approach particularly Trump with closed eyes and all too happy ignorance to his actual problems that deserve actual attention. What world are we living in??

    • Freedom4Troy

      It is called reality. The McMullin world is fantasy. His purpose is to elect Hillary! That makes him THE MOST ESTABLISHMENT candidate.

      • Cameron Robinson

        His purpose is to give conservatives someone they can vote for and still look themselves in the mirror.

        Bill Clinton told Donald to run for president. They’ve been friends for years. He’s never been a republican and his policies reflect that. He is the most unconservative gop candidate for president in decades, and that’s saying something.

        Donald is a caricature. He’s one of the Takers pulled straight from the pages of Atlas Shrugged.

        • Freedom4Troy

          Bottom line, only one of two candidates will win this election. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I DID vote for McMullin, because I know that every vote for him, makes it more likely that Hillary wins, and you know that as well (BTW, so does he). As I heard Bill Bennett say, the other day, something like, I don’t think Donald will get everything right, but I am sure Hillary will get everything wrong. I don’t think we can stand much more of the liberal agenda. The other thing you must know, there will be no criticism or bad press for anything Hillary does, she will be virtually unchecked and continue to get a pass, no matter how bad things get. Donald, as we see everyday, will be scrutinized and watched like a hawk by the press. His own party will also be cautious about any of his proposals.

          • rjhunter20

            If Donald was 1) capable of listening to wisdom from ‘anybody’ or 2) even in the case he was just going to be a puppet act for the Republican party, I’d be much more welcoming of Trump. But… as bad as the known things Hillary will get wrong and her known threat her progressive Bernie boosted agenda will be. I think you need to be fair to Trump that his unknown threats have the potential to even be worse. The truth is he doesn’t listen and nobody seems to be able to control him… you might like that now but wait until he starts enacting something you whole heartedly disagree with (for example… bankrupting the US,, signing a huge progressive bill, kicking out all muslims and hispanics, starting a war) and despite pure reason, possibly both sides fighting against him, the world crying for him to change… He is not the kind of person to give in and then you might wish he was. if he has the power and he wants it done… I don’t see any valid check on him we can trust and I certainly don’t trust his goodness and intelligence to be the sole source of those important decisions. Take a step back and really weigh up Trump, he is in my mind worse than Hillary and I really really don’t like Hillary. Evan, I do like and he clears the low bar set by the others easily. I will gladly support him with ANY chance he could win over the other two options.

          • Cameron Robinson

            Troy – voting for McMullin won’t give Hillary any electoral votes. She’ll come in third in Utah. If Hillary wins it’ll be because Donald couldn’t beat her in swing states and she got the 270 electoral college votes required to win.

      • rjhunter20

        So… I understand the anti-establishment feeling but I’m not sure what the alternative is and I’m not convinced anything else is any better. What we have is a house and senate composed of majority-elected individuals throughout all the states. What is the alternative? We need someone like Trump fire them all and choose much less corrupt individuals to lead us? Shall we start a new era of peace by accepting all leaders who all agree Trump is the rightful winner and so there is no more need for debate? I don’t know, what’s the practical solution here?

        • Freedom4Troy

          Don’t confuse establishment with system. We have the greatest system of government on earth. We have corrupted it with influence peddling and things like the 17th amendment, that has made incumbent Senators very hard to unseat. We do need some house cleaning and reform. The Fair Tax would take a big bite out of the power of lobbyists in Washington, and stimulate our economy. We do not need a King, we need to turn back closer to what the Founders originally set up. The Washington elite in both parties has moved things so far from there, they are the establishment that I am talking about, the power brokers, and influence peddlers. By returning to those principles the people once again have the power, not the elite.

          • rjhunter20

            Okay, I like a lot of where you’re coming from… what is the practical application? If you’re not for Evan (who I still consider to be a good conservative valued based candidate who will move us closer in the right direction), which candidate has your vote? (I’m open to you to make a case for Darrel castle, or even Johnson although I don’t think he does Libertarianism justice)… however, please please don’t say Trump because if you’re as smart as you seem you have got to be able to see that he has and will never have the kind of vision/values/principals to even in the slightest degree start to pull us back in the other direction. He’s not even interested in the conversation unless its some quick catchy phrase he can say to get a lot of cheers, and those kinds of thing he says change dramatically week to week. He will only grow government, increase spending, and likely favor corruption since he’s been a big corruption stimulant happily buying off politicians over the years. Sure he is a totally different breed of politician and I get why people hyped up on ‘anti-establishment’ feelings are so happy to accept anything different… but really, I don’t think different is going to better. At the least you’ve got to be able to see it won’t be conservative, it won’t be constitutional, his fight won’t be returning his own power to the people because its good and right and is a the hard kind of thing you have to do to help future generations… he’s just not capable of leading like that even if he wanted to… even if the republican party really tried to push him to do it. He’s not capable.

          • Freedom4Troy

            The time for choosing a good Conservative Candidate who can win the election has passed. It was called the Primary season. We failed at that. It is over. Voting for someone that can not win, at this point, is like a fart in the wind, meaningless. Doesn’t matter how great they “would be” or how solid there positions are, they will NEVER EVER be implemented. The choices now are between Hillary and Trump, period. I don’t know how bad Trump may be, conservative or not. Doesn’t matter to me in the slightest because I KNOW HOW BAD Obama has been and Hillary will be all of that and more, and because of Supreme Court nominations, etc. another round from the left may be fatal for our country. Why is this so hard to understand! It is a very simple decision for me. This is not rocket science. Do we move keep the train rolling at full speed toward our destruction or try, at least, to slow it down?

          • rjhunter20

            Well… that is entirely dependent on how your question is answered ‘how bad is Trump?’ If it turns out he is in fact worse than Hillary (I believe he is) then yes of course it is significant. And I’m with you, I also know how bad the other option is I just haven’t shut my eyes to the Republican nominee just because he’s republican. The truth is McMullin CAN win (its possible) we’re not talking about the 7 or 8 other much better options than Trump that the party rejected. Evan is in the race, and even if he doesn’t win I think a vote for McMullin or Castle or maybe even Johnson is at least a vote that should persuade more conservative influence in the future… since that is the only reason I vote Republican anyway (because I believe in the values they’ve held before this election), then even that outcome I’m happy to work for.

          • Freedom4Troy

            Can’t help you. If you are not aware of the importance of who is nominated to the Supreme Court and whether they lean Conservative or Liberal, and how that can move our country down the liberal road for decades to come, then you are missing an important element of this fight. Hillary if elected, will certainly nominate one and maybe more leftists to the court FOR LIFE! Voting for Joe Blow with a snowballs chance will facilitate that happening! The Hail Mary for McMullin, or voting for another candidate with an equal chance of winning, isn’t going to “persuade” anyone, no one cares who the losers are! Take our best shot and run with it… if we don’t we will risk losing this republic.

          • rjhunter20

            Again… its Trump (not any of the other remotely conservative anybodies out there). What gives you so much faith he’s going to nominate a conservative? Sure he saw a list of good options recommended to him and went ‘yes, yes’ then he added more names and then said his sister would make a good judge. At times he’s managed to talk the talk but then changed tune and I’m not sure he’s ever walked the conservative walk. Even if he did say yes I will nominate only from this list… when it came down to when he makes the decision I have very little certainty he’ll stick with it. You wake up, who you’re voting for is a fake, you weigh up the consequences of what will happen if he wins, and then ask yourself why you didn’t do more to support a different option?

          • Freedom4Troy

            As I said before, I am not concerned in the slightest whether Trump will do what he says or not… I DO NOT CARE. I certainly hope he acts something like a member of the party he represents, but that is never a certainty, especially with Republicans. The other side of that coin is again very, very simple. I AM CERTAIN what Hillary will do with regard to the Supreme Court, and the direction of this country. It boils down to this: With Hillary, there is NO HOPE of a conservative court or a conservative direction for this country, with Trump, there is at least the “HOPE”… nothing more.

          • rjhunter20

            Yes but you should at least look at the question of “What other new threats does Trump bring” and weigh that up with Hillary’s threat and what we will ‘certainly’ lose with Hillary (I absolutely agree with you exactly how bad her agenda will be… I see it) Just open your eye’s to the unique threat of Trump… I think it’s actually worse.

  • lkaumans

    Love this! Thank you.

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