EPA pollutes?

EPA pollutes?

image from CNN

image from CNN

I am really frustrated for the citizens of the Four Corners area.


Their water sources look yucky.


Yellow water looks like something out of the Simpsons.


Yellow water you ask? Yes, the water was contaminated. Who did this you ask? The EPA – Environmental Protection Agency.


But that isn’t the worst part of the story.


We are now learning that the FEDERAL government didn’t notify STATE and LOCAL officials for at least 24 hours.

            “New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez says she wasn’t notified of the spill for a full day after the event. “The governor is disturbed by the lack of information provided by the EPA to our environmental agencies in New Mexico and strongly believes that people in our communities downstream deserve to have all the information about this situation,” Chris Sanchez, the governor’s spokesman, said in an emailed statement Thursday. “For example, we were not notified about this release until 9:30 a.m. this morning even though the release is reported to have occurred at approximately 10:40 a.m. yesterday. And the first notification received by the State of New Mexico came from an official with the Southern Ute Tribe, not EPA.” (http://www.newsweek.com/epa-causes-massive-colorado-spill-1-million-gallons-mining-waste-turns-river-361019)


This disaster will cost Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico millions of dollars. This federal government disaster disruptes wildlife, water, ecosystems, and tourism in these areas. The EPA must be held accountable for its actions. The states should not have to pay a dime.


I think this is evidence that the state can better manage lands instead of the federal government. Pat Bagley at the Salt Lake Tribune seems to think in his cartoons that the state will pollute and ruin our beautiful natural resources. I’m waiting for him to criticize the feds for pollution.


A press release from the Water Development Commission (Utah) stated:

“San Juan County, Utah received water on Sunday and Monday via San Juan Emergency Management and will continue doing so beginning again tomorrow. San Juan County, New Mexico has also been receiving water from secondary sources or reserves as a result of the spill. San Juan County, Colorado is where the origin of the spill is located, but the Animas River is a secondary source of water for that area, and as a result consumption and use have not been affected there.”

Reports are that families are being limited to 25 gallons per day. Consider that some toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush…..that’s not many opportunities.


I agree with the words of the Water Development Commission:

“We are not yet certain what the totality of the impact will be on agriculture, grazing, the environment, and the economy – but one thing is certain: the EPA needs to held accountable for this serious disruption in our waterways. They should also reimburse the states for all costs incurred as a result of their errors. This is another urgent reminder that the states must be allowed to exercise our Constitutional rights to have stewardship over our lands and our resources.”

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