Dirty air in the Utah Clean Air Caucus

Dirty air in the Utah Clean Air Caucus

In 2014 there was a new caucus in the Utah Legislature – a bipartisan “Clean Air Caucus.”  There is no official list of who the members are, but through some digging I was able to come up with a few members.  Below is a picture from a press conference in January where the agenda for the year was outlined.

Clean air caucus members

There was a bill this past session which would allow a vehicle with ZERO EMISSIONS to be sold in Utah.  Since much of the air pollution in Utah is due to auto emissions, this would be a major step in the right direction for clear air.

HB 394 – New Car Sales Amendments (Rep. Coleman) would allow Tesla Motors to sell in Utah, currently they can not because they do not follow the traditional model of using dealers.

The supposed “Clean Air Caucus” was split on this bill. Those who did vote for the Clean Air bill: Hall, Redd, Wilson and Poulson.

The members of the “Clean Air Caucus” who voted against a ZERO EMISSIONS vehicle are: Anderson, Chavez-Houck, Arent, Briscoe, Duckworth, Edwards, Hollins, King (Brian), Miller, Moss, Snow, and Webb.



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