Conservatives, We Already Won. Don’t Settle For Trump.

Conservatives, We Already Won. Don’t Settle For Trump.

I’m conservative. George Washington is my hero. I voted for Ronald Reagan in the Majestic Elementary presidential election. I geek out about my original Calvin Coolidge campaign lapel pins.

I’m a conservative who brimmed with excitement at the GOP field for the 2016 presidential election. The deepest field of candidates in decades was conservative, accomplished, well spoken, and diverse. And conservative! After years of legacy Republicans rolling over for Democrat proposals, or worse expanding federal bureaucracy themselves, we finally had a bevy of real proven conservatives running for the most important elected position in the world.

Now I’m a conservative who is disgusted at the prospect of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for president.

Look, I get that people are angry at the establishment. I get that the economy under President Obama hasn’t really rebounded in a way that’s noticeable to the average citizen. I get that the media is biased, GOP leadership is feckless, we’re $17 trillion in debt and nobody in Washington DC cares one whit what you and I actually want.

Donald Trump won’t change that. Donald Trump *is* that. He is the consummate insider.

There’s a litany of reasons why Donald Trump is unfit for the GOP nomination for president. Here’s just a handful:

He self identifies as democrat

Trump University  Seriously, WTF

Eminent Domain

Illegal Immigration Rank Hypocrisy

21 Questions For Donald Trump

Loves Obamacare’s Individual Mandate

As I said, at the beginning of this election cycle I was ecstatic looking at our field of contenders. Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, and Carly Fiorina were all speaking my language. I didn’t know how I could choose between them.

And now we’re down to three. (I know, technically there’s two more still running but they’re ridiculous). Ted Cruz is wonderful. Reliably conservative, trolls the mushy GOP establishmentarians, and everyone apparently hates him.

Marco Rubio used to be slandered as a tea party extremist. Now some primary voters are calling him establishment? That means we won! Check out this 538 chart comparing gop candidates’ relative conservatism. We’ve moved the needle so the “establishment” is as conservative as Ronald Frigging Reagan. And we’re going to throw that away for a guy who donates to democrats, praises planned parenthood, loves Obamacare’s central mandate, runs a business scam only Mark Shurtleff would be proud of, and swindles little old ladies out of their homes? That’s how we as conservatives stick it to the establishment?

No way. This can not stand. Please vote responsibly. Don’t squander all that we’ve gained by voting for Trump.


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  • Matt Birdsall

    @Cameron what are your sources for the graphic that heads this post?

    • Cameron Robinson

      It’s the 538 chart linked in the next to last paragraph.