Write-in candidate Bill Freeze: Why I was tough on Greg Graves

Write-in candidate Bill Freeze: Why I was tough on Greg Graves

5459c434326ed.preview-620Former Utah County Commissioner candidate Bill Freeze issued the following statement:


As most of you know I ran a hard fought write-in campaign against Greg Graves a year ago. I didn’t pull punches. I told the truth and I pointed out that Greg had not been truthful with the Utah delegation. I laid out his very disturbing past.
During that campaign I had several people come to me with stories of illicit behavior and unfaithfulness. I never used any of that information. I couldn’t prove it and I didn’t feel it was my place to point it out. In retrospect I feel like the media and the Republican Party just gave the guy a pass. They didn’t want to deal with the mess and frankly most people I found are afraid to upset party leaders or officials….they don’t want confrontation from them and they don’t want other Republicans or their “friends”  mad at them.
There were over 20,000 people that voted for me…. and I have heard numbers as high as 24,000 that wrote in my name. I worked very hard on a grass roots campaign and  had tremendous support from my friends and community leaders. These people knew that voting for Greg Graves was a terrible mistake. Thousands voted blindly for Greg Graves as he was the only printed name on the ballot….he won big through a Republican straight party pull of the lever.
A week after the election Senator Mike Lee called me and thanked me for having the courage to run and that he was very impressed with my campaign and what I had been able to accomplish. I appreciated that a United States Senator would do that. He didn’t have to, but Mike also knew that Greg wasn’t prepared to be a Utah County Commissioner.
Surprisingly every week people come up to me and tell me that they voted for me and wished I had won….I smile when I say I have never met anyone that didn’t vote for me!
After the election I congratulated Greg and wished him the best. At community functions during this  year I have introduced him to dozens of people and have always tried to be cordial, respectful  and compliment him on the progress he has made in learning the job. I sincerely wanted the man to succeed. I have had political friends come to me and say, “Be prepared…the guy won’t last a year!” My response is that I think Greg will be OK and I wish him the best.
Now we hear of Greg’s involvement with the “Ashley Madison” website. I didn’t know what that was until someone called me this week and explained it to me.
What will come of this? I’m not sure but if I had to venture a guess I would say nothing.
Here in Happy Valley I’m afraid we don’t have the stomach to step forward and say that this kind of behavior in unacceptable. We have become so broad minded that we accept just about anything and don’t want to upset anyone or appear to be mean or uncharitable. We think we are very proper and conservative and support what is right with our family values moniker, but in reality it appears we have  become ethical and spiritual chumps. Maybe that’s too harsh. I know I’m not perfect, but growing up my parents, teachers, coaches and church leaders didn’t let me get away with garbage behavior. It was unacceptable!
I’m  starting to believe that today we really don’t have the guts to do what is right.
In part I also blame myself. I think now that last year I let the voters in Utah County down.
I should have been much tougher!
Bill Freeze

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