6 great lines from Lt. Governor Spencer Cox’s commencement address

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox was the featured speaker at the 2015 Dixie State University commencement ceremony. Cox shared some inspiring insights that would be helpful to anyone, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Here are six memorable lines from his address:

1. “I know what you all are thinking: UVU gets Mitt Romney, Weber State gets NBA star Damian Lillard, and we get this guy?”

2. “This is the point of the talk where I’m supposed to inspire you by saying that if you never give up and just keep trying, you too can take a huge cut in pay, become an unknown statewide politician, and live in your uncle’s basement.”

3. “We need to spend less time focusing on the resume virtues, and more time focusing on the eulogy virtues.”

4. “We don’t change the world by meeting with presidents or celebrities. We change the world by helping a little girl celebrate her birthday and find some light and joy in a very dark time.”

5. “Graduates, today is all about you, and it should be. But I sincerely hope that this is the last day that’s all about you.”

6. “I conclude with the words of David Brooks on the power and grace of stumblers. ‘The stumbler doesn’t build her life by being better than others, but by being better than she used to be.'”

Honestly, you should probably just watch the entire address. Some of these things you’re not going to completely understand without the full context of his speech. Below is the full video:


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  • Nicely done.

  • Parsons

    I’m getting a little sick of the Lt. Gov. Cox hero worship. Cox cares little about protecting our privacy, our liberty, and our pocketbooks. On every major point of contention inside the Utah GOP, he has sided with the big government faction. He’s Gary Herbert’s chosen heir. When it comes to Lt. Gov. Cox, I say “No thanks!”

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