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Conservatives, We Already Won. Don’t Settle For Trump.

I’m conservative. George Washington is my hero. I voted for Ronald Reagan in the Majestic Elementary presidential election. I geek out about my original Calvin Coolidge campaign lapel pins. I’m

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More reasons to oppose SB73

I still have concerns with cannabis – and specifically SB73.  Earlier I posted some of the technical issues with the bill.  Issues that have been laughed off because it is

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SB73 still has problems

The State Senate debated SB73 “MEDICAL CANNABIS ACT” on Friday and it had 7 floor amendments.  Amendments were flying so fast the sponsor didn’t know which amendments he was speaking

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The unintended consequences for Utah Republicans of not passing a meaningful medical cannabis bill

Will citizen initiative for medical cannabis make 2016 the year of the Democrats in Utah? Utah Senator Mark Madsen’s Medical Cannabis Act (SB73) hit a bump in the road when